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Tbilisi - the "warm city" - where Georgian king Vakhtang Gorgasali fished a hunted pheasant ready-cooked out of the sulphur springs, has become our common home in 2008, when we moved into this big appartment in the Kotetishvili family house in the centre of town, just a stone's throw away from the Prospekt Rustaveli, the main boulevard of Tbilisi. 


The warmth to which the city owes its name is the principle with which we want to receive our guests within our little B & B in the Georgian capital. Our wish is to provide our guests with an environment, which provides tranquillity and room for thoughts in the midst of this foreign culture. We want to help our guests finding new energy in their everyday lives through the encounter with Georgian culture and the magnificent landscape of this remote part of the world.


Our "Villa Tiflis" is a cosy and very special place, its décor is inspired by oriental design and Jugendstil, reflecting Tbilisi's age-old status as a meeting place of Eastern and Western cultures.


If you decide to share the special atmosphere of this artists' house in the heart of Tbilisi, you will combine your Georgian experience with time for tranquillity and relaxation. You may contact us via the contact form


Make your Tbilisi experience a special treat!