Remote Mountains and the Cradle of Wine

It's not only mythology, towers, churches and traditional feasts that draw people to the Caucasus mountains on the edge of Europe. There are also many incredible hikes and climbs, alpine lakes and natural forests to discover.


The mountain regions of Svaneti, Ratsha, Chevsureti and Tusheti for example are something quite unique on this planet. Very remote, these mountains offer you some days "out in the boonies", where you meet Georgian hospitality at its best - and experience amazing landscapes.


The region of Kakheti is known to be the oldest wine region in the world and wine historians call the Caucasus the cradle of wine making. You might have never heard of Saperavi, Rkatsiteli or Mtsvane - but be sure not to miss out on these particular wines. Their terroir is something quite different from what you might be used to.  You'll also never forget the experience of a Georgian table, the so-called  "supra", where a "Tamada" first has to give a toast before everybody else is allowed - and expected - to drink.